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Sixtysix Magazine

Sixtysix Issue 03

Sixtysix Issue 03

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Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Sixtysix magazine. 

We begin this issue with a compelling cover image from Various & Gould, the Berlin artist duo I visited with for our cover story, “Into Berlin.” In this feature, we hit the road in a Lizard Green Porsche 911 with a little help from Bose Automotive providing the soundtrack. In Berlin, we set out to answer, just what is it like living, working, and collaborating in Berlin?

This issue also took us into the world of designer greats like Natasha Jen of Pentagram, the world's largest independent design consultancy. Natasha gave us a tour of her New York City offices and opened up about just what her work means to her and why she doesn’t mind checking Slack on vacation. 

This issue also gets deep with prolific designer Karim Rashid, who shared insights and tips for staying relaxed and finding love in your work, a topic I discuss in my “Note to Our Readers.” Work, he says, brings meaning to life.

Speaking of doing what you love, writer Blake Crouch seems to do little else. He’s the mastermind behind multiple novels turned successful screenplays (you might have seen the television series Wayward Pines), and his latest sci-fi thriller, Recursion, is now in the works with Netflix. He took our photographer Kennan Harvey for a tour of his beautiful Colorado property as our managing editor Laura Rote talked with him about his creative process and what lies ahead. 

After touring Berlin in a 379-horsepowered Porsche, we headed to Newport Beach to go behind the scenes of the highly anticipated Toyota Supra. Photographer Nathaniel Wood was given access to the secretive Calty Design Research Center to document the design lab that created the car while I spoke with the center’s President Kevin Hunter on why, after 20 years, Toyota brought the car back to market. In search for a different type of fast wheels, I also had the chance to speak with Job Stehman, the head of R&D at VanMoof—producers of the beautiful S2 electrified bike. I’ve been riding one all fall here in Chicago and have come to absolutely love it. 

In Tokyo, writer Kimberly Hughes found architect Sou Fujimoto toiling away over his tiny models incorporating everyday objects in surprising ways to bring his masterful buildings to life. His warehouse-style offices overlooking Tokyo Bay are full of fantastical works described as everything from Jenga towers to clouds to pancakes. There he works among his colleagues—he has no personal office—in an understated space where he can concentrate on the great works at hand, like his L’Arbre Blanc residential project in Montpelier.

Back in California, writer Grace Perry got a rare glimpse inside creative director Roanne Adams’ Los Angeles home on Silver Lake. There, with life and work and family all around her, she opened up about her creative process, doing work she’s proud of, and how she manages a hectic schedule living both in LA and New York City. 

In this issue we also speak with Canva’s Melanie Perkins, self-described “vector art monster” Rob Zilla, illustrator MURUGIAH, interior designer Rebecca Cartwright, and photographer Lawrence Agyei. 


Chris Force, editor-in-chief

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